Our Story

MJ — the woman behind the beauty.

MJ is a beauty expert dedicated to help you attain your finest beauty. She has over 20 years of experience working with renowned cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines and in Sweden prior to coming to New Zealand. She also prides herself as having trained with one of the Philippines’ famous celebrity dermatologists which she rarely talks about.

After her extensive training and experience in the Philippines and abroad, she continued to practice her profession as a specialised beauty expert and established her own beauty clinic in Christchurch in 2013.

MJ deeply believes that each person has different skin concerns and specialised treatments should vary from person to person. Her deep understanding of beauty stems from her continuous commitment to learn more thru professional development, trusted beauty products and the passion to professionalize and personalise beauty approach for her various clients. Her ultimate goal is for her clients to look and feel beautiful from inside and out.

Let MJ take care of you and reveal your beauty at its finest.

MJ Exposé Health & Beauty offers a wide range of professional and personalised treatments and products to help you achieve the beauty you truly deserve. Our clinic specialises in skin lightening, anti-aging and acne treatments resulting to a better version of you.

We combine MJ’s expertise with our cutting-edge technology, products, and treatments at affordable prices. Our wide range of premium skincare products are made from safe, gentle yet potent natural ingredients and tailor fitted to all individual skin types and needs.

Let us take care of your skin and get pampered. With our individualised and personalised treatments and service, you will walk out feeling wonderful. The art of beauty is available to anyone who desires it.

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