Our AI Skin Analyser

Taking Skin Analysis to the Next Level

Our Skin Analyzer is so much more than just a regular Skin Analyzer. It takes away the guesswork in skincare. It provides you with a detailed skin analysis report and it can compare your skin from month to month.

With the assistance of 8 different light spectrums and 28 million pixels, we can now look into your skin and see exactly what your skin needs. These different spectrums provide us with 14 indicators on the surface, and down into the deeper layers of the skin. Showing you what your skin looks like in the deeper layers and what concerns are lurking in the shadows. It is a fabulous way to show what your skin might look like in the near future.

So, what can the Skin Analyzer tell me about my skin?

  • Skin Irregularities – Skin irregularities that appear on the surface of the skin; freckles, visible sun damage, broken capillaries, or vascular irritation.
  • Wrinkles – Areas where superficial and deeper lines will present themselves. It also shows areas where Collagen fibres and Elastin fibres are diminished.
  • Texture – High and low points of the skin. Where pitted scarring is present as well as underlying acne and congestion.
  • Pores – It pinpoints areas where enlarged pores are present as well as areas that produce excessive sebum.
  • UV Spot – Sun damage and spots on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin.
  • Skin Discolouration – Skin discolourations including shadowing under the eyes, moles, hyperpigmentation, and overall tone.
  • Vascular Areas – Redness caused by broken capillaries, inflammation, or the aftermath of breakouts or areas that are generally sensitive.
  • P-Bacteria and Oil – Porphyrins (natural bacteria on the skin) can become impacted in the pores and cause breakouts and congestion.
  • Moisture – Show moisture levels in the skin as well as areas that are dehydrated and require attention.

The skin analyzer also provides you with a prediction of what your skin might look like in the future if not taken care of. With this amazing device, you can understand your skin and what needs to be done to prevent certain concerns to come to the surface.

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