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Are you tired of promises falling short when it comes to collagen supplements?

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The PEARL collagen collection is here to revolutionise your beauty and wellness routine.

Born out of personal experience and a dedication to purity and efficacy, PEARL is set to redefine the standards in ingestible beauty products.

Inspired by Need

Olivia, the founder of Par Olive, an online digital magazine covering beauty and wellness, had the opportunity to try countless collagen supplements. However, none met her standards for purity and effectiveness. Determined to create a superior product, she collaborated with Australia's leading Dermatologists and Dieticians to develop PEARL.

Pure Ingredients, Real Results

At the heart of PEARL is its commitment to quality ingredients. Par Olive products feature the highest grade wild-caught Norwegian marine collagen, sustainably sourced freshwater pearl powder, and organic native Australian Kakadu plum. These ingredients work together to firm skin, thicken hair, and strengthen nails, all while promoting internal well-being.

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Trusted by Professionals

PEARL has quickly become Australia's number one Dermatologist recommended Ingestible Beauty product. Stocked across Australia in leading dermatology, skin, and hair clinics, PEARL is backed by clinical trials and expert endorsement.

Uncompromising Quality

Unlike other brands, PEARL never compromises on quality. Par Olive ensures 100% traceability in every batch, with no fillers, sweeteners, flavours, or preservatives. Our formulations, crafted by leading experts, are clinically proven to deliver results in skin, hair, and nail health.

How to Experience the PEARL Difference

For maximum results, Par Olive recommends a collagen loading method over 3–4 weeks. Simply add a teaspoon of PEARL to your beverage of choice 3–4 times a day. Don't forget to take before and after photos – the results are truly transformative

Join the PEARL Revolution

Experience the power of PEARL for yourself and elevate your ingestible beauty ritual to new heights. With Par Olive's commitment to purity, potency, and proven results, PEARL is your ultimate solution for radiant skin, healthy hair, and strong nails. Say hello to your best self with PEARL Collagen Collection.