Glutathione serum

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Size — 30ml

MJ Exposé's Glutathione Serum is efficient in diminishing fine lines, nourishing the skin, eliminating wrinkles and firming sagging skin, stimulating the growth of new skin, softening the skin, and rejuvenating aging skin. It also helps to reduce expression lines and wrinkle formation while smoothing out existing fine lines.

Key Features

Welcome to the epitome of skin transformation – our Glutathione Serum, meticulously crafted to illuminate your complexion and unveil a radiant, youthful glow. Harnessing the power of science and nature, our serum combines a curated selection of potent ingredients to address hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dullness, leaving you with a luminous complexion that exudes confidence and vitality.

Key Ingredients

Glutathione: A powerhouse antioxidant, glutathione brightens the complexion, reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and protects the skin from oxidative damage, resulting in a luminous, even-toned complexion.

Provitamin B5: Known for its soothing and hydrating properties, Provitamin B5 helps to calm irritated skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

β-glucan: Derived from oats or mushrooms, β-glucan soothes and nourishes the skin, reducing redness and inflammation while promoting overall skin health and resilience.

Tranexamic Acid: This skin-brightening agent helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, promoting a more even and radiant skin tone.

Potassium Methoxysalicylate: A derivative of salicylic acid, potassium methoxysalicylate gently exfoliates the skin, unclogging pores and improving texture, while also brightening and evening out skin tone.

Taurine: An amino acid with antioxidant properties, taurine helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors and promote overall skin health and vitality.


  1. Use morning & night after cleansing your face and ensuring it is completely dry.
  2. Apply your toner before the serum.
  3. Gently massage several drops of the serum onto the desired area until it is absorbed.


Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, 1,3-Propanediol, Glutathione, Provitamin B5 (Panthenol), β-glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tranexamic Acid, Potassium Methoxysalicylate, Glycerol Polyacrylate, PVM/MA Copolymer, Taurine, Bis(Hydroxymethyl) Imidazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynol Butyl Carbamate