Blemishes (Hyperpigmentation)

Hyperpigmentation is too much melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color. It's produced by skin cells called melanocytes.


Several factors can alter the production of melanin in your body. Pregnancy changes hormone levels and can affect melanin production in some women.

The main risks for general hyperpigmentation are sun and inflammation. Both can increase melanin. The more you're in the sun, the more your risk of skin darkening rises.

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Blemish treatments

  • Angel White Laser treats many issues. These include: pigmentation, sun spots, age spots, melasma, freckles, and dark circles.
  • PicoSureĀ® uses advanced laser energy. It makes acne slowly disappear. This happens through your body's healing process.
  • TCA Peel uses a light chemical peel. It helps control oil and lighten dark spots. It also evens out skin color.

Due to the varying nature of blemishes, consultations are always required. That way, our trained aesthetician can make a treatment package that meets your needs.

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