Under eye bags or dark circles

Whether the cause is a few long days or too many restless nights, dark circles and puffy eyes can leave you looking and feeling like you're in a slump.

Bags under your eyes are usually a cosmetic concern, rather than a medical problem. Symptoms of bags under eyes may include swelling, loose skin, and dark circles in the affected area.

Older adults may be more prone to developing bags under their eyes. As you age, the muscles and tissues near your eyes weaken, which can cause sagging. Fluid may build up in the area below your eyes, as well, which can also cause swelling.

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common, often accompanied by bags. Having dark circles under your eyes may invite unwanted comments about how tired you look. In fact, there are many reasons for dark circles.

It's not solely (or even mostly) caused by caffeine, tobacco, or a lack of sleep. Fat loss under the eye, broken blood vessels, and increased melanin – or hyperpigmentation – are the main culprits.

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Under Eye & Dark Circle treatments

  • Bio–Microneedling – stimulates the body's scar–healing response and increase skin cell renewal.
  • Global eyecon® – is a convenient, effective programme combining both a peel with a transepidermal solution.
  • Meso microneedling – a series of microneedles push a nourishing serum underneath the skin, encouraging rejuvenation of the entire area.
  • OxyGeneo Facial – the 3–in–1 super facial; exfoliates, oxygenates & infuses. OxyGeneo provides a unique approach to facial treatments.
  • Tripollar facial treatment – stimulates the body's scar–healing response and increase skin cell renewal.

Due to the varying nature of under eye bags or dark circles, consultations are always required. This way our trained aesthetician can put together a treatment package that best meets your needs.

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